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About Cuba Cabana

The year 1994 witnessed the opening of the restaurant "Q Club" in the renowned Maadi area and was renamed "Cuba Cabana" in 2002 after its restructuring and expansion and the addition of the external area, which is characterized by Latin character and atmosphere. "Cuba Cabana" was able to be in the forefront of leading restaurants in the field of guest service in Egypt and became known among the Maadists as "the house of al-Madawiya". Moreover, it has become a meeting point for many different parties from inside Egypt and for foreigners for twenty-five years. Early this year 2019, there has been a complete renovation of the interior area with the opening of the "Sports Cafe"; an especially equipped area for watching favorite sports games and programs, the Japanese "Sushi Bar"; a serene Japanese restaurant that serves the finest Japanese cuisine as well as the indoors Lebanese restaurant "Lebanese & Grill" with its authentic Oriental cuisine, and delicious Lebanese meals. And of course, it’s hard to miss the charming atmosphere found in the international cuisine restaurant "Cuba Cabana". "Cuba Cabana” restaurant is four different restaurants that you can enjoy in one visit

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